3 Mile Handicap

3 Mile Handicap Race Series

The 3 Mile Handicap Series is a popular event for all runners. It is a series of races that start and finish near the Wimbledon Common Windmill. The take place on the last Tuesday of the month from April to August.

Apart from the first race, which is a mass start each race will be from a staggered start. Where the slower runners go off first and the faster runners go off last.  This means that everyone finishes together. Well that is the theory. In practice about 80% of the field finishes in a 90 second period. This makes for a very exciting time for the timekeepers.

After each race your handicap is adjusted if you improve so you will start further back. Points are awarded for how far up the field you finish and the person with the most points wins the overall prize at the end of the year.

The races series is extremely popular with over 100 running in each event and over 200 Windmilers raced in at least one race last year. There are small prizes after each event which can only be won if you have run at least one race before.

The course is flat, fast and very scenic.  Running though the Wimbledon Common which we all know and love so much.


We register at the windmill from 6.45pm (first race from 6.15pm) and aim to start the race at 7.15.  This is a very quick process because once you have run one event the registration is done by yourselves.  If you have not run a race yet this year you need to register with one of the timekeepers who will take down your name and give you a number.  This number will be yours for the entire series.  Bring it to each race. 

After each race we head down to the Crooked Billet where the results are scrutinised, calculated and posted onto the website. (WiFi permitting)

This is a map of the route which is a figure of 8 run twice, starting at the Windmiler's bench and finishing by the water trough.